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Eat Well To Live Well

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That title seems like a no-brainer, right? Everyone should eat well to live well. We all know what we’re supposed to do to have healthier bodies. Eat less, move more and we’ll have a body like a super model or Vin Diesel.

Realistically, most of us, are not going to make the sacrifices and changes needed to shape our bodies. We choose not to make those changes and sacrifices. One of the problems may be our environment.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that it’s your environment that’s to blame for your excess weight. However, I will say that our environment today makes it a lot tougher to make good choices than it used to.

Bear with me as I take a trip down memory lane to when I was growing up. My husband and I often talk about how going out to eat when we were children was a treat. I might have gone to McDonalds once a month growing up and eating out at a sit-down restaurant was even more of a rare occurrence.


Because we ate at home. My grandmother lived with us. She had dinner cooking for our family every afternoon, because both of my parents worked. Trust me when I tell you that there is no five-star restaurant with any better meals than those she served. It was Southern cooking at it’s finest.

All of my friends’ moms cooked dinner too. Eating out was considered a “treat” for special occasions.

We ate real food that was made by our mothers and grandmothers (forgive the sexism, but when I was growing up Dads cooked on the grill and Moms in the kitchen). If we had rolls or bread with dinner, it was because my grandmother mixed it by hand, let it rise and baked it. If we had cake or pie, she made that too.

Of course, back then we only had three channels and a grainy PBS to watch. These days, my kids are inundated with multiple channels geared toward children. Every kind of processed food you can imagine is pitched to our kids during the commercials.

However, it’s not just the kids who are being pitched. We’re being pitched too. All sorts of processed junk is being sold to us as we flip through the many channels of our cable television.

I’ll be honest and admit it’s easier to buy something pre-packaged or pre-made. When you’re working and having to chauffeur your kids around to practice and lessons, that drive-thru starts to look pretty darn good.

But is it good for you?

Obviously the answer is no.

Dr. Oz was on Oprah with his “You: The Owner’s Manual” co-author. They asked the audience to take a test to see how healthy they were. Only one audience member out of hundreds was deemed healthy. When Dr. Oz singled her out for her healthy habits, he asked her what she did that other people do not. She answered, “I exercise every day and I eat all of my meals at home.” When pressed, she said she rarely ate out and made all of her own meals.

That is what we need to do. Make our own meals. Make real food from real ingredients. Stop eating out. Stop eating at the drive-thrus. Stop buying processed junk to put into your body.

If we are what we eat, then we need to make sure that the food we are putting into our bodies is real, organic and healthy.

What are you doing to ensure your family is eating healthier meals?

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