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Dream Big Dreams

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The billionaire CEO of Starbucks, Howard Shultz gives us an inspirational 2 minute speech on how to be successful.

In short, he tells us to dream big dreams and don’t let anyone tell you they are impossible and cannot be done. You can realize your dreams. You can make them real.

Your vision for yourself and your family can become a reality.

Howard Shultz proves that a simple idea well executed, can eventually become a worldwide success if you are persistent and passionate enough in your pursuits.

In the beginning Howard Schultz did not believe in franchising his Starbucks coffee shops and built store after store, one coffee cup at a time. Nowadays Howard Schultz Net Worth is $1.6 Billion, with over 20,000 stores in 62 countries worldwide, proving to others in his industry that it will only do you a world of favours if you just decide to “think BIG” and follow through.

What is your dream? Whatever it is, dream big and don’t stop until you achieve it.

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