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Was Dr. Atkins right all along?


With the popularity of the Paleo diet, and noticing one of my friend’s Facebook photos of her Atkins meals, it made me wonder, “Was Dr. Atkins right all along?”

What scared me about Atkins was the high fat everyone talked about, but now I’m thinking that’s not such a bad thing.

What is bad is for everyone to go low-fat and substitute it with a lot of processed foods and junk. Since I am past Lent, I am able to enjoy meat again, though I wasn’t eating it all that often anyway. Somehow (hello sugar!) I gained 5 pounds during Lent.

This week, I decided to Paleo/Atkins my meals and have been enjoying organic eggs for breakfast, free-range chicken salad and organic green salad with balsamic vinaigrette for lunch and a lean meat, green vegetable (broccoli/spinach/asparagus/kale) for dinner. I’ve completely cut out sugar and “bad carbs” and lost 3 pounds since Monday.

I like eating vegetarian most of the time, and will probably go to a more vegetarian Atkins-type diet down the road. My body just does not crave meat like it used to.

If you would like to try out the Atkins plan and see how your body reacts,you can find it here:

If you are curious about what the Paleo diet is all about, you can find that here:

I personally think that sugar is the culprit in most of our health problems. I saw a poster on Facebook recently that said, “Love Sugar? So does Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes and Arthritis!” It really made me stop and think.

My father passed away in 2002 from heart disease. He used to stay away from cheese because he said it was bad for his cholesterol. You know what he did eat? Bread, Little Debbie cakes and sugary treats. My father was not overweight. In fact, when he was at the hospital before his bypass surgery, the doctor commented, “You have the physique of someone who is 25 years younger than you chronological age.”

His outward appearance was not showing the mess his organs were in because of the processed foods and sugar intake. I can’t help thinking he may have been better off eating the cheese and leaving the bread behind.

So, I have come to the conclusion that Dr. Atkins was on the right track. I will stock up on eating more veggies, add some lean protein in and eat healthy fats. I’m going to say goodbye to sugar, with the exception of my nightly treat of 2 squares of 88% organic dark chocolate after dinner!

Let me know how you are eating and living healthier!

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