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Dorado Azul: Your Lungs Will Thank You


If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know how much I love essential oils. Like anything health related, new studies come up, or you may find something that works better for you.

This has been the case with my husband and Dorado Azul.

My husband has severe allergies and asthma. He keeps an inhaler with him at all times and has used Advair in the past to control his asthma attacks.

Shortly after being introduced to the oils, my husband woke up one morning with a major attack. He was coughing so hard, his face was turning purple. He could barely wheeze in a breath before coughing it out.

I was afraid and thought I’d have to call 911. I thought if I could get some raw honey with Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint (the combination I use for allergies in our home), he’d be okay. However, as I reached into my oily cabinet, there was Frankincense front and center.

In my reading, I thought I remembered that Frankincense was good for respiratory support, so I grabbed it and went to my husband. I put about 3 drops in my palms, rubbed them together and then rubbed them over his lungs and upward toward his throat.

Within 15 seconds, he stopped coughing. It was that fast.

After that, whenever he would feel like he needed his inhaler, he would reach for my Frankincense. This was going to be a problem, because I was using Frankincense to give me my best skin ever!

Next, I heard about about another combination of essential oils that contained a blend of different eucalyptus plants and that it might be good for respiratory conditions. I ordered several bottles. Not only did my husband love it, but my youngest son loved it too. He had whooping cough as a baby and almost every winter when it gets cold and the air is dry, he’ll start with that barking cough. I use a humidifier for him, which helps, but not as much as these oils. When he was having another barking cough episode, he went to the oily cabinet, grabbed the oil blend, rolled it on his chest and throat, then went back to bed. When he got up the next morning, he proclaimed, “I think that breathing oil is better than Frankincense.” I was sold.

As I started researching the oils, I discovered more essential oil blends. I took an old glass jar, made sure it was really clean, and mixed virgin organic coconut oil with those oils. The next time either of needed an oily fix for their respiratory issues, we tried this instead. It worked great.

This brings me to Dorado Azul. Another oily friend of mine has asthma and is a blogger. I saw her post a photo of herself holding Dorado Azul and saying she wasn’t using her inhaler anymore because of it.

Of course, I had to buy it.

And you know what? According to my husband, this oil is the best yet for his respiratory issues. In fact, it works so well for him, that I keep it in my monthly order so that I know I have it on hand at all times.

What is in Dorado Azul?

Dorado azul is recognized largely for its role in respiratory support. This essential oil can be used in many situations to support in the sinuses or lungs. Not surprisingly, dorado azul has high levels of eucalyptol and has a long history of use in folk medicine. The dorado azul plant has been used historically as a daily, mild beverage—especially during the fall and winter months. Today, many users comment that dorado azul provides as much respiratory support as mint and eucalyptus. Users also observe that this Ecuador oil delivers comparable results without the intensity and discomfort sometimes experienced with other oils.

In addition to its respiratory benefits, dorado azul is proving to be a very effective ingredient in essential oil blends that repel insects and pests. In fact, there is the existing literature that promotes the use of dorado azul as an insecticide that can be used to protect stored grain from moths and weevils. Try placing a few cotton balls saturated with dorado azul in food storage areas to protect items from destructive insects.

So there you have it. Not only is Dorado Azul good for respiratory support, but it can keep insects at bay to boot!

If someone in your family has respiratory issues, I cannot recommend this essential oil enough. It really is one of the best things our family has used so far!

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