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Couch to 5K, Moving and Stress

Let me preface this entry by saying we are moving. Moving is very stressful, especially moving to a new state. There were several days, I could not even get a run in and mentally, I think it set me back.

What I will say is that the days I made myself run, even during the stress of packing, kids, etc. that run felt pretty darn good! I am sure it is helping me cope with the stress of everything we’ve been going through.

Our move is not the conventional, we found a house we liked and moved our stuff a few miles down the road move. No, the nature of my husband’s work (calling/passion) necessitated a move to my home state of Virginia so he could be closer to DC. He wanted to move to DC and I put the brakes on that one. I’m from Virginia and have family there and where we are moving is only 90 minutes from DC with regular trains going to DC, so we are all happy now.

I won’t even mention the added bonus of being about an hour and a half from the ocean. Anyone who knows me, knows I love the beach and I especially love Cape Charles, VA on the Easter Shore, which is where I’m planning on celebrating a belated Mother’s Day.

So, here is where the tricky part comes in. We sold our house and the closing was supposed to be on May 25th. However, the closing got moved up to May 7th! Yes, we are talking panic mode. The main reason we had initially put the closing on May 25th was to allow our three children to finish out their school year which ends on May 23.

The solution? My husband is now living in our new home, with our dogs, in Virginia and I am currently residing in a hotel room in Franklin, TN with three children, one of them a teenager who is not exactly thrilled with this move.

As for the Couch to 5k program, while last week was sporadic with my runs, on Tuesday, I was able to get back to my routine. I decided to repeat Week 3’s schedule and a strange thing occurred. I am finding it easier to run the solid 3 minutes, than to run the 90 seconds. Odd.

As for my hubby, he’s not done any running because he’s surrounded by boxes and couldn’t find his running gear. He finally found them yesterday. Because I’m hoping to keep us on the same running schedule, I told him to run Week 3 again this upcoming week and I would do the same and then we’ll start Week 4 the following week.

It’s hard to believe that in 13 days I’ll be waking up in my native Virginia again after 16 years in Tennessee. Tennessee is a beautiful state and I have enjoyed my time here.

That said, I will close this blog post with something I told my husband when we married and I moved here. I thought at the time I’d end up living the rest of my life in Tennessee and would probably die here, so I made him promise that on my tombstone he’d write the following:

Born, lived and died a Virginian.

I’m looking forward to going home.

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