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Conquer Your Goals Before Breakfast


Are you a morning person? You should be!

Before going to bed at night, I do a mental checklist of what needs to get done the next day. Of course, I have a hard list in my planner of what needs to get done, but I think on my goals for the next day and pray over them, asking for God’s help and guidance as I go about conquering each one.

When I wake up each morning, I have a set routine that happens every single day before I ever get out of bed and sets the tone for the rest of my day.

I pray and thank God for another wonderful day, I read my Bible (which is downloaded on my Nook), I pray for my husband, I pray for my children and I take 15 minutes to read a self-improvement book of some kind.

Then, and only then, do I get out of the warm comfort of my bed and start my day.

Yesterday, I had quite a list of things that needed to get done. I prioritized them from most important to least important and checked them off as they were conquered.

I will say here that I have Evernote on my computer and on my phone. It has helped when grocery shopping to just check things off. However, I am a bit “old school” when it comes to my daily planner. I like my paper-bound planner.

I like taking a pen and marking off the goals as they are finished.

When I look at them, it makes me feel good. I can see that I’ve accomplished something.

My husband is quite different. He likes everything electronic. Maybe it’s a man thing. I don’t know.

I just like my planner.

This is how I get things done. It is how I don’t sit down at the end of every day wondering where the heck the time went and why didn’t I accomplish all I needed to.

I believe we all face that small voice inside us every morning that says, “Stay in bed. You don’t have to get up at 4:45 this morning.”

That’s when you ask yourself, “How bad do you want to succeed? What are you willing to do?”

Most people will opt to get that extra 1 1/2 hours of sleep instead of getting up and working on their goals. That is why most people are not as successful as those who are willing to go the extra mile.

Are you one of the few willing to get up early and go that extra mile?

You know, you may tell yourself you are not a morning person. You can change your biological clock. It happens all the time. People travel to different time zones for vacation and by the time they’ve been there a few days, their bodies are accustomed to new sleep cycles.

The key is to be disciplined about your day. Because if you’re disciplined about your day, then you will be disciplined about your week, your month, your year and your life.

What are some of the things you should be doing before breakfast so they don’t get pushed down the list?

Here’s my schedule:

1. Read the Bible and Pray.

This sets me up for a successful and positive start to whatever I may face during the day. Many things will vie for my attention in the next 24 hours. This is one thing that gets my head in the right place to tackle the others. They put me in a place of gratitude. Everything else is gravy once I’ve spent time reading God’s word and talking to Him about my goals, my fears and my life.

2. Exercise.

I have an AM/PM Yoga DVD that is really great. I also have 2 dogs that need to be walked. I usually do a short walk in the early morning and a longer one later in the day. The younger dog especially needs these walks and it helps to get my backside out of the house and into fresh air.

Exercise is great for uplifting your mood. It is wonderful for your body. Find something you enjoy and do it every day. The cumulative effects will be worth it.

3. Read/Listen to Self-Help, Motivational, Business Building Gurus.

There is truth to the saying, “Leaders read and readers lead.” To be a leader, you have to set the pace. If you don’t think you have time to sit down and read, get an audio book and listen to it while you take your walk or drive in your car. You will be surprised at the amount of personal growth you experience by doing this.

So, there you have it. The three things that set me up to conquer my goals before breakfast. By doing these things, I am well-equipped to face whatever challenges come at me.

Make your list the night before, pray over them. Rise early and get your time with God and yourself in before the world tries to influence you.

Have a blessed, prosperous and accomplished day!

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