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Can This Test Determine Your Lifespan?


I ran across this test last week and it said, “The Exercise That Predicts Your DEATH!” I was curious, so I continued to read the article and take the test.

Can this test really determine your lifespan?

I have my doubts.

What is this test? It is a test developed by physicians in Brazil to test and measure flexibility quickly. No equipment is needed. All you need to do is sit and stand without any support. The maximum score you can get is 10 points, with 1 point deducted for putting a hand on your leg or something else for support, or if you put your leg out for stability. You get docked a half-point for wobbling.

The study said that patients who scored fewer than eight points were twice as likely to die within the next six years, compared with people who had perfect scores. The doctors claim that this study shows musculoskeletal fitness and can be used to predict death in 51 – 80 year olds.

Here’s the test:


You can also watch this video to get a better idea of what you should be shooting for:

This all goes back to what I wrote last week in my post on the top 10 benefits of yoga. You can read about it here.

Flexibility is key when it comes to aging well. Health encompasses many areas. It’s not just about being skinny, or whether you can bench press your body weight.

I am constantly amazed at how our thoughts can direct our health. I have seen it in my own household. Without naming the specific family member, whenever this person is stressed about something, they come down with flu-like symptoms. It’s NOT in their head. They get a fever and are achey. They get congested.

At first, I thought this was just a coincidence, but now I am more and more convinced that a person’s attitude and emotions will either positively or negatively effect their overall health.

Keeping your body flexible and fit is just one piece of the health puzzle.

So, going back to the test above, I cannot say that I am enamored by it’s theory. My mother had polio when she was a child and was confined to a wheelchair her entire life. She was never able to exercise other than pushing her wheelchair around (which can be a workout!). However, according to this test, she would not have lived to be 60. She lived well into her 70’s and would have probably lived longer had she not developed kidney disease later in life. (A quick personal note on doctors and my mother — when she was a teenager, the doctors told my grandmother that my mother would not live to 50, so, I would take anything doctors say with a grain of salt. They are not God. Only He know how long any of us will live.)

There’s another test people can take to determine their health. It’s called the “Chair Test.” This one measures how many times a person can sit and stand (from a chair) within 30 seconds. It’s another measure of strength and flexibility. Obviously, the more times you can sit and stand within those 30 seconds, the better off you are physically.

For the record, I got a perfect score on the lifespan test. I don’t really think that measures anything other than the fact that because I have kids and pets, I spend a lot of time sitting on the floor and getting back up again, so my body is used to doing this.

Take the test and let me know how well you do. What do you think about this test?

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