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Can Running Long Distances Damage Your Heart?


Are you a runner? Is one of your goals to run a marathon? Or an Iron Man Triathlon?

You might want to change your goal!

A new study out today says that running long distances could harm your heart later in life. From the Daily Mail:

Running marathons and other gruelling races is bad for the heart and could lead to serious cardiac problems in later life.

Those who enjoy a lean look from taking part in marathons, triathlons and iron man challenges are more likely to need pacemakers in old age, a new study says.

Tests on mice, funded by the British Heart Foundation, show microscopic changes take place in the body due to exercise training.

This can disrupt the electrical pulse of the heart, causing the super-fit to suffer abnormal heart rhythms.

If you know me, or read this blog very often, you know that I started running 2 years ago. I love running, which is something I never thought I’d say. However, as I tell my sons (who run with me), “We are running to keep our hearts healthy, we are not in a race.”

I am not running so that I can look great in a bikini. I am not running so that I can say I completed an enormous amount of mileage in a certain time. I run to stay fit. I run for my health. I run for longevity.

One thing those who live to be 100 have in common is that they stay active. That activity is not spent running marathons or punishing their bodies to excess. Their activity is walking hills herding sheep in Ikaria, Greece. It is tending gardens in Okinawa, Japan. It is a consistent, moderate pace of exercise that keeps the body fit and healthy.

Before you think of strenuously pushing your body past it’s limits, ask yourself why you are doing this. Are trying to be fit? Or are you trying to prove something?

Are you exercising and eating to be in this body for the long haul? I am!

Have a blessed day!

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