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Can God Direct Your Path?

God Directs Our Paths

God won’t bless it if you won’t build it. God can’t prosper what you won’t do.

Yesterday I was scrolling through Facebook and came across this quote from TD Jakes that really made me move!

So what was I NOT doing?

I had finished writing my Middle Grade fiction book and praying for certain things to happen in my life. Only guess what? I was not submitting the book to an agent! I guess it comes down to fear. You know, that thing I’m always blogging about facing?

Yesterday I did the deed two weeks after my self-imposed deadline for submitting a query. And it was all because of that meme Sarah Robbins posted in her timeline, so thanks Sarah, for the push!

Sometimes, I think we all need a little push to go past our fears, our self-doubt and our negativity. Will my middle grade fiction get accepted? I don’t know. I know I love these characters and I love their adventures and I cannot wait to see what they get into next.

So I will keep writing. I write more than middle grade fiction. I started out writing romance novels and most of my women’s fiction has romance in the plot. I will now be working on my women’s fiction trilogy. The first draft of the first book is completed, so now I will go to work on the second and then the third books’ first drafts before I start my revision process.

After I complete those, I will begin work on a suspense book and then a script idea I have. Then I will meet up with those characters from my middle grade fiction again and find out what kind adventure they want to get into next!

The point of this post is to encourage you to take action on whatever it is that you want God to help you with. I could ask God all day long to help me be a published writer; however, if I never write, if I never submit my work, that’s not going to happen, no matter how much I pray.

So carry this as you go throughout your day …

God won’t bless it, if you won’t build it.
God can’t prosper what you won’t do!
-TD Jakes

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