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Cake Batter Protein Shake?

Let me start off this post by saying I LOVE Cake Batter Ice Cream. When the family takes a little trip to Cold Stone Creamery, I ask for a child-sized cup of Cake Batter ice cream. Nothing on it, because I’m a purist.

Well, the other day I was reading my Runner’s World magazine on my Nook (which I love!) and one of the Olympic Marathoners was talking about drinking a Cake Batter Protein Shake.

And I was like, “Olympic Marathoner says what?”

So off to Google I went and lo and behold, there really is a Cake Batter flavored Protein Shake. However, my local GNC didn’t carry it and back to Google I went. This is where I stumbled on this wonderful website called “Dashing Dish.” The owner of the website is a health and fitness conscious individual and came up with this AMAZING recipe for a Cake Batter Protein Shake with only 4 Weight Watchers Points!!!

I had my second shake today after eating the Weight Watchers Vegetable Soup. I cannot begin to describe how yummylicious this protein shake is, but I plan on joining her website because she’s got even more great recipes to try!

If you’re into health and nutrition, I highly recommend you give this website a try.

Find the recipe HERE.

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