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Back Pain? Try This!

back pain

Have you ever experienced debilitating back pain?

I am talking about the can’t walk around and have to crawl on all fours to move back pain.

I have. Needless to say, it’s not fun.

Years and years ago, while living in Los Angeles, I used to get up insanely early to work out before I went to work for the day. One day I was on a machine to work my backside and as I was doing the move, all of a sudden I was in excruciating pain. It was all I could do to get up and get back to my apartment.

The pain was the most intense thing I had ever felt and it shot from my lower back down my right leg all the way to my ankle.

You guessed it. I had slipped a disc.

I was not into yoga or holistic healing back then, so I popped some Advil and pushed through. The pain lessened, but never really completely left. I never got back on that weight machine again.

Looking back, I probably should have gotten myself to a chiropractor instead of suffering, but I can’t turn back the hands of time. A few years later, I was still in slight pain and saw a commercial for Winsor Pilates. It looked interesting and I loved dance, so I ordered the workout dvds.

Once they came, I pulled out the 20 minute workout, laid down on the floor and did what she said to do. It was insanely easy. However, after about a week, something AMAZING happened.

My back pain went away. That’s right. Completely gone. I was back to normal.

Over the years, I have tried yoga (which I love) and other forms of exercise, but when my back starts to hurting, I bring back that 20 minute workout and it still works like a charm!

Well, yesterday, I was going about my business, typing away on my computer and all of a sudden, it happened in a split second. I was down for the count.

It had not happened in a LONG time. Before I found essential oils, I would have popped Advil or Aleve like candy until the pilates kicked in. However, this time, I grabbed my self-proclaimed “Extreme Discomfort Bomb” of essential oils.

And guess what? This morning, while my back is still very uncomfortable, it is far better than it was yesterday and it feel much better faster than it ever had before.

So here’s what I did.

I grabbed my essential oils and asked my son to put in the Pilates DVD and set out my yoga mat. I laid down very gently and did the workout as best I could. Every 3 hours and before going to bed, I used my “Extreme Discomfort Bomb” of essential oils. These are:

5 Drops Copaiba
5 Drops Balsam Fir
5 Drops Frankincense (I put them in a capsule, and down it with some antioxidant-rich juice.)

If you have any kind of back pain, I cannot recommend this enough. It has been a life-saver for me!

NOTE: Not all essential oils are the same. Check the label and make sure there is supplement information on the bottle. If there is no supplement information, more than likely it is not pure and not safe for internal use.

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