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The Art of Thinking BIG


What is the art of thinking big?

When you hear the phrase “Think Big” I bet Donald Trump popped into your mind. He always pops into mine when I hear that phrase.

Donald Trump is one of the biggest proponents of the think big philosophy. He certainly didn’t get to where he is today by thinking small. He even wrote a book about it, “Think Big and Kick Ass.”

You know who else likes the concept of thinking big? Richard Branson. Virgin certainly didn’t grow into the massive brand it is because he limited his thinking. Check out his TED Talk:

Another billionaire I love is Paul Mitchell founder, John Paul DeJoria. Here is his story:

I hope you enjoy these words of inspiration. Remember that to have the things you want, you must become the person who achieves them.

If you want to be like Donald Trump, Richard Branson and John Paul DeJoria, then let them mentor you through their books, interviews and life.

I hope you all have an awesomely spectacular day pursuing your goals!

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