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Why 50 Is Just A Number

Stretch your body and your mind with yoga

Stretching your mind and your body can help keep you looking and feeling young as you age.

I’m 53 and well on my way to being 54! You know what? It doesn’t suck!

Seriously, I feel exactly the same inside, as I did 10, 20 and even 30 years ago. Oh, I’ve learned lessons along the way. I’m smarter, wiser and quite frankly, heavier than I was all those years ago, but inside, I’m still me. I still enjoy being outside, playing with my kids, playing with the dogs, etc.

The soul remains the same, even as the body ages. But you can do things to keep that up too! You can eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. You can take multi-vitamins. You can exercise and do things to keep your body limber and in good shape like walking, yoga and pilates.

Mother Daughter Selfie

My children, including my daughter, Taylor, keep me feeling young.

Aging does NOT have to be a steady decline toward the nursing home!

5 Things you can do to stay physically and mentally healthy and fit as you age:

Woman running

1. Stay active – Don’t become a couch potato as you age. Don’t sit in front of your computer and/or television screen when you get home from work. Take a walk instead. The more you sit, the more you want to sit. The more you move, the more you want to move. Move it or lose it!


2. Stretch – This goes along with the staying active part. Think about how flexible you were when you were younger. Are you still that flexible? Probably not! Why not? Because you stopped stretching, playing, moving and staying active. When you were younger, you probably played outside, climbed trees, played on swing sets, ran around, rode your bike, etc. Are you doing those things now, or are you sitting behind a desk most of the day before you come home, eat and plop yourself on the couch every night? What are you doing to stretch out those muscles so they don’t tighten up? You don’t have to take a 1 1/2 hour Bikram Yoga class, even 20 minutes of pilates a day can do you a world of good in the stretching department!


3. Read – Keep your brain active! I like to read some kind of novel before bed every night. You know what I do before I start reading? I play sudoku! Yep, every night when I crawl into bed and pick up my tablet to read, I pull up my sudoku app and do a puzzle before I read the latest book I’ve downloaded. Another thing you can do to keep your brain active is learn a new language, in fact, learning anything new is great for your brain! Ever wanted to learn how to play an instrument? Now’s the time!

Fruits and Vegetables

4. Eat right – Come on, you’ve heard it since you were a kid … Eat your fruits and vegetables! All of those colors in those fruits and veggies mean there’s some great stuff going on for your health. I remember seeing someone’s post from their Thanksgiving meal last year. The entire plate was tan, white and brown. No color! I think they had turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and gravy. Load up your plate with color, people! Make yourself a big, beautiful, colorful salad! Try out different fruits, you might find a new favorite!

My Kids

5. Find your purpose – We all have one! Everyone needs a reason bigger than themselves to get up in the morning. My purpose at this point in time is my kids. They are the reason I get up in the morning. Aside from that, I love writing! Love it! I love to write stories! I love sharing those stories with others! You know what else I love? Helping other women take care of their families. That was a big reason I joined Young Living. I love health and wellness and I needed to make money from home. I know there are other women out there just like me, who love their families, need to stay home with their kids and also need to make money. I want to help those women!

These are just a few of the things you can do to stay fit and active as you age! I would love to hear what you do (or are planning to do) to stay young as you age.

Have a blessed day!

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