Young Living Orange Essential Oil Uses

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The latest oil I have added to my collection is Young Living’s Orange Essential Oil. Like all of their oils so far, I absolutely love it! It smells deliciously yummy! The day it arrived I immediately diffused it with Thieves for a wonderful seasonal scent. And it was good for me!

This morning, I tried it along with Young Living’s Lemon Essential Oil in my water and loved it.

If you’re wondering what other things you can do with Orange Essential Oil, here are a few amazing uses:

1. Wear it as a perfume! It has a wonderfully aromatic scent and may act as a mood lifter to help with depression.

2. As I did this morning, add it to you water for a very tasty beverage.

3. Use as a toner after cleansing for problem acne. However, be careful when you go out into the sun as Orange may cause photo sensitivity in skin.

4. Dilute with a carrier oil for babies. It may help them sleep.

5. To help with water retention and discomfort associated with radiation and chemotherapy, massaging Orange essential oil on legs and feet may help.

6. Use with a carrier oil in massage to revive tired muscles.

7. Use with Frankincense to revive a dull complexion.

8. Dilute with carrier oil to massage back and feet to relieve fatigue.

9. It is said that the Chinese use Orange oil to combat anorexia and body sores.

10. Apply it topically to help relieve cold and canker sores.

If you are interested in learning more about Young Living and these amazing oils, please visit my other site. Also, if you decide you would like to get these oils at wholesale, or even start your own business helping people live more abundantly, I give all my distributors an Essential Oil Pocket Reference book as well as an Essential Oil ebook on how to use the oils.


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