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Hate bugs? Me too!

Living in the south, we have a lot of humidity, which usually means a lot of bugs!

As I want to try and keep my home as chemical-free as possible, I faced a dilemma when a wasp got into our house. Why a dilemma? I had no bug spray! I had no fly swatter. I had nothing.

Except my Thieves household cleaner spray that I’d made up to clean our home. Going with the motto, “Use what you have!” I grabbed it and sprayed the wasp with it. It got dizzy. I sprayed it again and it fell to the floor.

Yes, it was dead Jim (for those of you watch Star Trek or live with someone who does!).

That was an eye-opening experience for me.

So, when we moved back to Tennessee from Virginia two weeks ago, I had flies all over the house from where the movers kept the doors open while bringing in furniture and boxes. Once they left, I grabbed my Thieves Household Cleaner and started spraying.

Sometimes I would get them on a window. Sometimes on the counter. My favorite was spraying them in mid-air and watching them drop to the floor.

I know. It sounds sadistic. I can’t help it.

Remember. I hate bugs!

The flies were gone within 30 minutes and all that was left was this nasty wasp that kept flying too high for me to reach it. Eventually, it landed on one of the windows. That’s when I got it. That is the photo I have at the top of the page.

So, not only did I have a great wasp and fly killer that was non-toxic, I had some great looking windows and counters from all of that wiping down with the Thieves cleaner!

I thought I was done. Then it happened. Ants! One morning we got up and they were all over. We had not left any food out, so I’m not sure where they came from. The only thing I can think of is that it was raining pretty hard for several days and drove them to look for a drier abode.

I remembered reading that bugs hate peppermint, so I made up a fresh bottle of my Thieves cleaner and this time, I added 25 drops of Peppermint. The verdict? It kills on contact!

I sprayed this concoction around every door and window in the house. I sprayed anywhere I could think of where an ant or spider might enter. And guess what? I have a lovely house that smells like peppermint and no bugs!

So again, here is the recipe I formulated for the BEST (in my opinion) non-toxic Bug Spray on the planet:

The BEST Non-Toxic Bug Spray

Empty Spray Bottle (I used an old plastic spray bottle)
4 capfuls of Young Living Thieves Household Cleaner
25 drops of Young Living Peppermint essential oil
Fill the remainder of the bottle with distilled water

Shake and spray to kill those nasty bugs and keep them away for good!

If you would like to order some Thieves Household cleaner for yourself, you can visit my essential oil store and pay retail. OR, you can become a wholesale member with Young Living and purchase these great products at wholesale prices and ZERO obligation to every purchase anything again.

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