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What are your creative opportunities?


“When obstacles or difficulties arise, the positive thinker takes them as creative opportunities.” – Norman Vincent Peale

Dr. Peale is one of my favorite authors of positive thinking. Using a combination of Biblical teachings and psychological principles, he helped to transform lives during his life and continues to transform them through the many great books he wrote.

Three of my favorites are “The Power of Positive Thinking”, “Positive Imaging” and “You Can If You Think You Can.” In fact, I always keep myself two copies of “The Power of Positive Thinking” on hand so that if I see a friend who I believe will benefit from the book, I can give them a copy.

I found Dr. Peale’s book while I was a teenager and it has helped me more times than I can count! Have I had hard roads during this life? Of course, but knowing that God is with me and that everything in the end will work out for the best helped me through.

Remember to not dwell on your problems, ask God for help and set your mind on the solutions!

Have a terrific day!

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