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Weight Watchers is working! Plus, another C5k update

I weighed in for my weekly Weight Watchers tracker on Sunday and had lost another 2 pounds. That brings my grand total so far to 8 pounds! I can see the difference!

The best part? I have not felt restricted in what I’m eating at all. Saturday we went to a steakhouse and I ordered a half sandwich and salad and I swiped 5 fries from one of my kids plates. I log everything in my WW tracker.

I’m not a big “sweet” person, so I’m happy eating a Weight Watcher ice cream bar at the end of the day.

I would really, really miss sandwiches though, so lo-carb is not something I could stick to.

As for the Couch to 5K program, I ran 30 minutes this morning. The last time I ran, which was Saturday, I told my husband I felt so good that I thought I could run another 5 minutes.

I usually take Sundays off as far as working out goes, but before we headed to church, my husband suggested we go up to DC afterwards and hang out. We did and took the metro over to the Mall and Smithsonian. I think I walked about 7 miles going up and down the mall and around the Smithsonian. The kids (and my feet) were exhausted! We walked over to the Lincoln Memorial and something pulled wrong in my right thigh as we were descending the stairs. I could feel it when it happened.

So, yesterday, when I woke up instead of going for a run like I usually do, I decided I would just go swimming to let my thigh injury rest. I did about 45 minutes of laps (I’m not a fast swimmer – No Ryan Lochte here!).

Anyway, this morning I rolled out of bed, got dressed in my running gear (still loving my Vibram 5 finger shoes!) and went out for my run. I had the timer on my phone set for 25 minutes and I was just listening to my iTunes as I ran. This time, when the timer went off, I just hit restart on the timer and kept running until I reached 19 minutes (it’s set for 25 minutes). Technically I guess I ran 31 minutes, but I did it! I’m now running 30 minutes!

Yay me!

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