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The Power of Prayer

As many of you know, I am a frequent reader of Dr. Norman Vincent Peale’s, “Power of Positive Thinking.” This morning, I was reading his chapter on the power of prayer again.

I have used his prayer techniques many times, including “shooting” prayers at strangers I only may cross paths with once in my lifetime. I say a prayer of thanks when our family gets to and from destinations. I pray for the happiness and health of my children. I pray for my husband’s success and his safety when he travels.

In short, I pray a lot. Sometimes it is a short, quick prayer, sometimes it is a longer, more concentrated prayer.

Norman Vincent Peale gave 7 tips on how to pray in Guidepost:

Prayer is one of the greatest skills in the world. It is the spiritual power that flows from God into our daily lives. Astonishingly, prayer illuminates problems, lifts weights, overcomes obstacles, restores health, and brings many astounding results.

1. What should you say when you pray?
Just talk to God as a child would talk to a father whom he loves and with whom he feels in harmony. Tell the Lord everything that is on your mind and in your heart.

2. Talk to the Lord in simple everyday speech.
Do not use an exaggerated formal speech. You would not talk to your father that way, and He is your Heavenly Father. In public prayer, it is perhaps proper to address God more formally. But in personal, private prayer you might, for example, say “You” to God rather than “Thou.” This does not diminish respect for Him but serves to make the relationship more natural.

3. Tell God what you want.
Tell Him you would like to have it if He thinks it is good for you. But also say and mean it, that you will leave it to Him to decide, and you will accept His decision as best for you and others involved. If you do this regularly it will be possible for God to give you the wonderful things that you should have. It is frightening, the marvelous things we miss because we insist upon something else, something only a fraction as fine as He wants to give us.
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4. Practice praying during the day.
For example, talk to God as you drive your car. If you had a friend with you, you would talk to him or her, would you not? Then imagine the Lord is there, for He is, and just talk to Him about everything. If you are waiting for a bus, talk with Him. But at night, when you go to bed, I recommend that you kneel by the bed and pray. However, if this has been your custom and if it has become merely a formality, get into bed, relax and then pray.

5. Words are not always necessary when you pray.
Think how good God is, how kindly, and that He is by your side guiding you and watching over you.

6. Try helping others by your prayers.
Pray for the troubled or the ill. Pray for your loved ones, for people you do not like, and for those who have not treated you well. It will do more for you to pray for those you resent than for those you love. If you doubt this, try it for six months and see what happens.

Prayer is an emanation of power. Select some person who may be a problem to you and shoot prayers at him. Conceive of yourself as surrounding him with healthy prayers, goodwill, and faith. I have seen the most astounding, almost unbelievable, results.

7. Do not make all your prayers into the form of asking God for something.
Let your prayer consist of all the wonderful things that have happened to you. Name them, thank God for them and make that your whole prayer. You will soon find that these prayers of thanksgiving grow longer and longer, and you will have more and more things for which to thank God.

Have you said a prayer of thanks today?

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