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The Magical Powers of Black Beans

black beans

Okay, maybe not magical, but there are a lot of good things in those beans!

Yesterday, my daughter received her learner’s permit and as a reward (because getting the permit apparently was not enough) she asked if I would take her to Chipotle for lunch. I agreed and off we went.

We were placing our orders and I noticed she never puts beans in her burrito. In fact, the only other person in our family who will eat beans, is my 13 year old son and the only beans he’ll eat are black beans.

This shocks me, because I swear my son would live off of pizza, taquitos and spaghetti if I’d let him. He hates almost everything. But he LOVES black beans. We were on a family vacation in Miami a few years ago and were eating at a family-owned Cuban restaurant. This child ate TWO very large bowls of black bean soup for dinner that night.

I don’t get it, but I’m happy he likes the black beans.

Anyway, as I’m standing in line to get my vegetarian bowl, I started thinking about how great black beans are for you.

From Natural News:

1. The dark color of the black bean is a surprising source of powerful nutrients

2. Black beans are a fantastic source of protein

3. This protein-powered bean gives you a longer feeling of satiation, which can help you feel good all day long.

4. If you are looking to add healthy fiber to your diet, and support your digestive health, and reduce your risk for colon cancer, consider black beans

5. Looking to keep heart disease at bay? Add black beans to your diet to boost your heart health

Natural News goes into far more detail about the health benefits of black beans, including citing research articles.

I found this Pin on Pinterest and here’s the link to the recipes. Some of the recipes are vegan as well!


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