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21 Days of Prayer

Yesterday, I started 21 Days of Prayer with others who are praying over their businesses for the new year. I think it’s a fantastic way to start off the New Year. The woman who is leading this group is Young Living Royal Crown Diamond, Monique McLean. This woman is the real deal, people. She is […]

How To Decide What You Really Want

How to decide what you really want. That sounds simple, doesn’t it? However, I don’t think many of us consider what we really want or what would really make us content with our lives. For instance, some people would say they really want to be a billionaire. But do they consider the time, effort, dedication […]

Is There Scientific Evidence We Can Heal Ourselves?

Is there scientific evidence we can heal ourselves? Some call it the “Placebo Effect” others call it faith healing or positive thinking. Many people dismiss this effect because they believe science is everything. But what if a scientist believes in this effect? There are scientists who believe you can heal yourself from the worst cases […]

You Need A Drink … Of Water!

You need a drink … of water! I’m sure you all know that you should be drinking water throughout the day. You need it to flush out toxins, to rehydrate your body and skin and to help your organs work better. However, did you know that by adding an essential oil to your water, you […]

20 Uses for Thieves Household Cleaner

I hate to clean. No, that’s not strong enough. I LOATHE to clean. However, when I have to, I do not want to use something with a bunch of toxic chemicals that could be hazardous to my family’s health. I’ve got three children as well as four-legged furry family members to watch out for! Of […]

Dorado Azul: Your Lungs Will Thank You

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know how much I love essential oils. Like anything health related, new studies come up, or you may find something that works better for you. This has been the case with my husband and Dorado Azul. My husband has severe allergies and asthma. He keeps […]

8 Steps To Transform Your Life

Are you tired of the day-to-day grind? Have you truly reached the end of your rope and want to transform your life into the one you dream of? Here are 8 Steps you can take to transform your life into the one you imagine: 1. Gratitude – Showing gratitude is one of the biggest things […]

DIY Poo Pourri Spray Recipe

Sometimes I think the only person who likes to talk about poo is the great wizard himself, Dr. Oz! He has all sorts of information about poo including how it should look, what to do if it doesn’t look right and why it smells. You want to know what he doesn’t tell you? How to […]

Happy New Year!

The Top 10 Benefits of Ginger

As I mentioned in a post earlier this week, one of my kids got an upset tummy and did not want to use Peppermint, which is usually my go-to solution for nausea. You know, the type of yuck that crops up for all of us from time to time? So, knowing that ginger is great […]

Why I’m Not Worried About Cold and Flu Season

You might get a chuckle out the above graphic, but I’m serious! I’m not running to the drug store and fetching those syrupy chemical bombs they sell you after you’ve already got the crud. Noooooo! That was me two years ago. Now, I support my family’s immune system using plants! Like most things, you’re going […]

The Benefits of Cedarwood

I was first introduced to Cedarwood essential oil when I purchased Healing Oils of the Bible: “Then the priest shall command to take for him who is to be cleansed two birds alive and clean and Cedarwood and scarlet material and hyssop.” (Leviticus14:4). The cedars of Lebanon were used to build Solomon’s Temple and Herod’s […]

Have You Heard About Tea Tree Oil?

Have you heard about tea tree oil? For a long time I would hear people talk about using tea tree oil for various things. The way they would talk about it, it almost seemed like a miracle oil that was good for everything from acne to ear infections. WebMD describes Tea Tree Oil like this: […]

Why Antioxidants Are Important

Antioxidants here … Antioxidants there … Antioxidants everywhere! Have you ever wondered, “What are antioxidants and why am I supposed to be getting on that train?” I did. I kept hearing that this or that product was loaded in antioxidants. You should be juicing and eating certain fruits and vegetables because they’re loaded in antioxidants. […]

Juicing vs. Smoothies: Which is better?

Do you juice? I have a juicer. One that was packed away for a long time. After watching “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” a couple of weeks ago, I dug that sucker out of the moving box and sat it on the counter. When I first started juicing, I was saving my money to buy […]

The World’s BEST Non-Toxic Bug Spray!

Hate bugs? Me too! Living in the south, we have a lot of humidity, which usually means a lot of bugs! As I want to try and keep my home as chemical-free as possible, I faced a dilemma when a wasp got into our house. Why a dilemma? I had no bug spray! I had […]

Are You Stressed?

Are you stressed? I am! You may have noticed that last week I sort of fell off the face of the internet. I wasn’t lost. I was moving! Moving itself can be stressful. In fact, many people say that moving a house can be as traumatic as facing a serious illness. Throw in 3 kids, […]

Has Big Brother Gotten Too Big?

Has Big Brother gotten too big? In one word — Yes! Yesterday, I was informed of a letter the FDA sent to several essential oil companies. This letter was about compliance issues and wording regarding health and wellness issues. When I post about the essential oils I use on my family, it is for information […]

How To Reach Your Highest Potential

Would you like to know how to reach your Highest Potential? I think many people would like to be at the top of their game and I’m no exception! There are the obvious things you can do such as setting goals, writing them down, making a vision board and most importantly taking action! I have […]

Is Network Marketing the Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread?

Is Network Marketing the greatest thing since sliced bread? I think so! And you know what? Many, many other people, including Jack Canfield, Robert Kiyosaki and even Donald Trump think so too! Why? I’ll let Jack Canfield tell you in his own words: I have been involved in the direct selling and network marketing industry […]