Sherry A. Phillips

Suspense Author

Why Swimming is such a great workout!

Until this summer, I never thought of swimming for exercise. My husband would rather go to the YMCA and swim for a workout than run, but I never thought it could give you much of a workout. I was wrong! Swimming is terrific exercise, not only for burning calories, but it tones up your muscles […]

I’ve Lost 10 Pounds and am starting TRX!

It’s official! I’ve lost 10 pounds since joining Weight Watchers on July 1! While I’m really proud of myself for losing it, when I pick up a 10 pound weight and feel how much 10 pounds really is, I am amazed! I can actually see the difference in how my clothes are fitting and how […]

No Running Today

Yesterday my legs felt like lead weights that weighed twice their normal poundage. It was like running in quicksand. I can’t figure out if I didn’t hydrate enough the day before, or, if it was the Taco Bell Taco Salad that did me in. Or maybe it was because I didn’t eat any dinner the […]