Sherry A. Phillips

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Raw Corn Chowder Recipe

I was going to make some version of a creamy cucumber soup tonight, but I saw some delicious looking corn on the cob this morning and grabbed 5 ears. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them, but this afternoon, I got a huge graving for corn chowder. I started searching the […]

Health Benefits of Eating a Raw Diet

As I stated yesterday, I’ve started eating a raw vegan diet. I’m planning on sticking with this for 3 weeks and see how it makes me feel. I won’t lie. Yesterday was tough. I have been eating blue cheese on my salads every day and it was not easy to give that up. There was […]

Eating A Raw Diet for 3 Weeks!

I decided last week that the day after my daughter turns 16, I was going to jump in and go raw for three weeks. In the past, I’ve been vegetarian, I have gone vegan for several months. However, after seeing a posting on Facebook, I wondered if I could really go all out and eat […]