Sherry A. Phillips

Suspense Author

The New Year Can’t Come Fast Enough For Me

First, let me say that I’m always grateful for every day God grants me on this earth. Truly, I am blessed. In gratitude, I say 2016 was not the worst year I’ve been through. I’ve had much worse. However, when you cap off the lows of the year with the loss of iconic stars like […]

Happy New Year!

How To Make New Year Resolutions That Work!

It’s that time of year again. Everyone and their sister will be making New Year resolutions and vow that THIS TIME it will be different. THIS TIME they will lose the weight. THIS TIME they will work out. THIS TIME they will do what they need to do to succeed at whatever desired goal that […]

Make Your Goals SMART

Would you like this upcoming year to be YOUR year? If so, then your goals must be SMART! How many times do you sit and make lists or “New Year Resolutions” only to have those resolutions and lists fade away by February 1st? I will wager that it happens over and over again. Don’t feel […]

Playing around and New Year’s Resolutions

I’m going to be playing around with my blog over the next few weeks. I haven’t really hit the right balance of “me” yet. You see, I love gossip. Whether it be Hollywood gossip or Washington gossip. I love to read about it, talk about it, think about it and write about it. The problem […]