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The Island Where People Forget To Die

Last night, CNN broadcast a story featuring “Blue Zones” author, Dan Buettner and explored the Greek island of Ikaria (aka The island where people forget to die). I have been following Dan Buettner and his work ever since I saw him featured on “Oprah” years ago. If you are unfamiliar with “Blue Zones” they are […]

How to Live Longer

Ikaria, Greece

Can You Really Live Longer In A “Blue Zone”?

Most of you know my love for the book and website “Blue Zones.” I was first introduced to Dan Buettner and his work with Blue Zones by watching Oprah about 3 years ago. I immediately went out and purchased his book by the same name. You can find it in the recommending reading section of […]

Can Drinking Coffee Help You Live Longer?

If it’s Greek coffee, you better believe it! I read a lot about the Blue Zones, made popular by Dan Buettner’s book of the same name. He has studied areas where people live longer and live better. One of the these places is Ikaria, Greece and they believe one of the contributing factors to their […]