Sherry A. Phillips

Suspense Author

7 Ways Positive Thinking Leads To Success

Everyone knows that positive thinking is better than negative thinking, right? Seeing the world as being filled with possibilities and opportunities is a lot better than seeing it as quagmire of doom and gloom. I believe most people recognize this to be true. However, did you know that positive thinking will lead you to success, […]

10 Quick Tips About Success

When I sent out yesterday’s newsletter I briefly touched on something I wanted to write about today and that is making your dreams a reality. When I was in college, my boyfriend’s family loved the water, which means, they had boats. Lots of boats. Everything from a Boston Whaler to a canoe. One boat that […]

Jim Rohn: Living An Exceptional Life

Would you like to live an exceptional life? You can! If you have never heard of or listened to Jim Rohn, you owe it to yourself to watch this video and seek out other videos and books featuring this amazing man. Jim Rohn has inspired and motivated untold thousands of people, including Jack Canfield, Mark […]