Sherry A. Phillips

Suspense Author

10 Quick Tips To Help You Stay Positive

Everyone gets down sometimes. Yes, even me! When those inevitable times happen, you need to do a manual reset and get back on track. No one can do that for you. It is something each individual had to do for themselves. Now, I’m not talking about those who are struggling with depression. If you think […]

Is Your Attitude Sabotaging Your Life?

Think about this for a moment. Think about your attitude on a daily basis. Could your attitude be sabotaging your life? This morning I was reading a shared Facebook post from a friend. The original post was posted by Billy Cox Motivation and here it is: I think the advice in this story is perfect. […]

Stay Positive and Live Longer

There are many benefits to keeping a positive mindset. One of them may be longevity. According to Blue Zone investigations, after interviewing 300+ centenarians for Blue Zones, “there wasn’t a grump in the bunch.” It seems learning how to be likable, being interesting and interested, developing empathy and showing your generosity is more important to […]