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Surround Yourself With Positive People


This morning I was checking my Facebook feed and Sarah Robbins (Rock Your Network Marketing Business author) posted a Periscope video where she talked about crabs and how you should not let yourself be put in the bucket with other crabs.

Sounds odd, I know, but she’s on vacation in Thailand with her husband and they showed these crabs everywhere on the beach.

The point she was trying to make was that there are always going to be people (crabs) who are naysayers. There are always going to be someone who tries to bring you down and tell you that you cannot do the thing you want to do or be the person you want to become.

You need to get those people out of your life so they do not pull you down to where their mindset is.

You can live your dreams. You can make your dreams come true. All it takes is a dream, a plan and hard work.

Some people are great dreamers, but they never move beyond the dream to the planning phase. In other words, their dreams do not become goals which can then be broken down into actionable steps. And without actionable steps to take, the hard work will never happen.

There are also those who dream, make goals and start to work, only to stop when the road gets too hard, or too steep or they find there are too many obstacles to overcome. They just don’t want that dream enough to keep pushing forward even when the odds seem against them.

It is these people you must watch out for. They’ve probably had dreams and never thought they could achieve them, or never made a plan, or never worked hard enough or long enough to make that dream come true. And since they never achieved their dream, they are going to try their best to tell you your dream will never come true either.

Don’t believe them!

You CAN dream. You CAN make a plan. You CAN take action steps and work hard to realize your vision. The secret is to find your why (why do you want your dream?) and not quit until you’ve reached your desired outcome.

That is why it is important to always surround yourself with positive people. Find others who believe in their dreams and are working toward achieving them. Put the crabs in a bucket and keep walking.

Always remember, you can do anything!

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