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Stop Being Realistic and Think Bigger!

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“I like thinking big. If you’re going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big.” – Donald Trump

Donald Trump wrote a book several years ago called, “Think Big.” Anyone who is familiar with Trump cannot imagine that this man would ever “Think Small.” His entire life seems big.

In fact, when you look at most successful people, they did not get to where they are by thinking small. All of them that come to my mind have thought and continue to think big.

There is a definite difference in those who think small and those who think big. Many times this small thinking is classified by those around us as “being realistic.”

But what is realistic?

If someone told Anna Mary Robertson Moses that she was too old to start painting and she should be more realistic, we would have never had the beautiful paintings by “Grandma Moses.”

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I have often wondered how many people thought the Wright Brothers were just plain crazy to spend all that time trying to fly. I’m sure many people told them they should be “more realistic.”

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What if Walt Disney had never dreamed of making a mouse a household name? What if Mr. Disney had been realistic?

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If Albert Einstein and his mother had listened to his early childhood teachers and been realistic, he may have never become the genius he was intended to be. In fact, they thought he was “slow.”

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All of these people had dreams and they thought bigger than those around them. It is because they thought bigger and beyond the realistic, that we have iconic paintings, modern jets, Disneyworld and the Theory of Relativity.

When you have a dream, don’t let people squash them. Don’t settle for less than you want under the guise of “being realistic.”

In fact, that phrase should be banished from your thinking altogether along with the words “can’t” and “impossible.”

I firmly believe what separates successful people from unsuccessful people is their ability to think big combined with their ability to see possibilities where none existed. I believe these successful people believe in their dreams to such an extent that they make plans to achieve them, they take action and they don’t stop until they make those dreams a reality.

So, my advice to you is to stop being realistic and think big! You will be amazed at what you can accomplish!

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