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Stop and Read This Before Eating That Egg!

For the past two mornings, I have scrambled myself an egg (using Unsweetened Almond Milk) and having a piece of toast with sliced tomatoes on it. It was only 3 Weight Watchers points, very filling and a good alternative to my usual breakfast of Kashi Cinnamon Harvest cereal and Almond Milk.

Not anymore!

I just read this article on the LA Times that says eating the whole egg can be as bad as smoking cigarettes! Yikes!

From the LA Times:

Just as you were ready to tuck into a nice three-egg omelet again, comforted by the reassuring news that eggs are not so bad for you, here comes a study warning that for those over 40, the number of egg yolks consumed per week accelerates the thickening of arteries almost as severely as does cigarette smoking.

Server, can you make that an egg-white omelet instead, please?

The study, published Tuesday in the journal Atherosclerosis, measured the carotid wall thickness — a key indicator of heart disease risk — of 1,231 patients referred to a vascular prevention clinic, and asked each to detail a wide range of their health habits, from smoking and exercise to their consumption of egg yolks. Just as smoking is often tallied as “pack-years” (the number of cigarette packs smoked per day for how many years), egg-yolk consumption was tallied as “egg yolk years” (the number of egg yolks consumed per week times the number of years they were eaten).

The study subjects were typically referred to the clinic after having suffered a clot-induced stroke or a transient ischemic attack — a “mini-stroke” in which symptoms may disappear quickly but which often presage a more serious stroke to come.

Considering I resemble my father’s side of the family the most and they all suffered from heart and high-blood pressure related problems, no more eggs for me in the morning!

I’ll be sticking to my Kashi from now on.

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