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How to Recondition Cast Iron and Why You Should!


Over the weekend I was taking some trash to the dump and sitting on the ground was a huge cast iron skillet with a little rust on the cooking surface. Oh the memories I have of my grandmother frying chicken in a big cast iron skillet! I remembered seeing a Pin on Pinterest talking about how to recondition old cast iron skillets, so I picked it up and took it home.

I’ve been working on it for several days, usually about 10 minutes a day and it’s almost ready for me to reseason it. Here is the video I used and recommend (and yes, it’s true that all you need is salt, a potato and some vinegar):

As I was reading more about cast iron skillets and cooking with Cast Iron, I found across a great article on Natural News. Here are their top 10 reasons to use Cast Iron.

1. Replacing a non-stick skillet with a cast iron one allows you to avoid the toxic fumes that accompany most non-stick cookware. Cast iron can also replace aluminum cookware, which may also pose health hazards.

2. Besides the stove, you can use a cast iron skillet in the oven, at any temperature. This comes in handy for making corn bread, frittatas, and flat bread.

3. It is nonstick. Surprisingly, a preheated cast iron skillet rivals the qualities of non-stick cookware, as long as it is properly seasoned and cared for. You can quickly move up this short learning curve by talking with employees at your local cookware store or by reading a book or Internet article about cast iron care.

4. Cast iron is easy to clean up. Not only does food easily lift off from cast iron cookware, soap is not needed or recommended, since it erodes the seasoning.

5. There are health benefits. You can actually boost your iron intake from eating food cooked in cast iron cookware. This vital mineral is crucial for maintaining energy levels, and it helps strengthen immune systems.

6. It is inexpensive. Cooks looking to replace non-stick cookware often investigate stainless steel. However, a high-end, 12-inch stainless skillet runs well over $100, while a similar-sized cast iron one costs less than $30.

7. Food cooks beautifully. Using a cast iron skillet you can create restaurant-quality, homemade fish sticks, potato pancakes and French toast, complete with golden brown, crispy exteriors. Contrast this with non-stick cookware, which makes browning nearly impossible.

8. Cast iron is sturdy and wears well. Since it does not scratch, there is no need to use plastic utensils, and there is no fear of using your silverware to stir or scoop. It lasts for so long that many people still use cast iron cookware inherited from their parents and grandparents.

9. In an emergency, cast iron cookware can be used over any heat source. As such, many disaster planning lists include cast iron as the survival cookware of choice.

10. It has been used for thousands of years. Natural News readers already understand how new technologies are often the least healthy, while those used by earlier generations are often more beneficial and more in line with how we are designed. Our cookware choice is no exception.

If you’ve not ever cooked with cast iron, I highly recommend you give it a try. While it is very heavy, just look at it as though you’re getting a good workout while adding some extra iron into your diet!

Have a blessed day!

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