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How To Reach Your Highest Potential


Would you like to know how to reach your Highest Potential?

I think many people would like to be at the top of their game and I’m no exception!

There are the obvious things you can do such as setting goals, writing them down, making a vision board and most importantly taking action!

I have also started using two of Young Living’s oil blends: Abundance and Highest Potential to help me achieve my goals and the life of abundance I aspire to.


Young Living’s Highest Potential essential oil blend is “an exotic blend designed to increase your capacity to achieve your highest potential. It combines the uplifting and inspirational qualities of Australian Blue with the power of Gathering to help bring greater unity of purpose. Jasmine is added to enhance self-confidence, while ylang ylang calms, soothes, and harmonizes.”

Young Living’s Abundance essential oil blend is created to enhance the frequency of the harmonic magnetic energy field that surrounds us. This higher frequency creates what is called “the law of attraction,” which refers to the things we attract to ourselves. Abundance opens us to a wealth of possibilities.

I like to use the two of these oils together, especially when I am in need of a little extra push to really go for my goals ready to move forward with them in a big way.

Both oils are wonderful for diffusing. I especially like to apply them topically. Not everyone enjoys the aroma of these oils, but I love them, especially Highest Potential. I have also found them great for helping with anxiety and depression.

My protocol starts with placing a drop of Highest Potential in the palm of my hand. I then take my index finger and dab it in the oil, then to my heart, wrists and back of my neck (where the brain stem is located), finishing with my third eye (middle of forehead).

With Abundance, I place the drop in my palm, then dab it over my heart before rubbing my palms together in a circular motion three times. I then proceed to “washing” myself over my hair, head, shoulders and body. I apply the Abundance almost like I am placing a shield over my entire body if that makes sense.

I used this protocol on my husband when he was actively looking for a new direction in his work. It was so successful for him, he took my bottle of Abundance with him when he had to go out of town to start! Now I need two bottles!

If you have not tried these two amazing oils, I highly recommend them!

Everyone should reach their Highest Potential and live the Abundant life God wants for them!

If you are interested in obtaining these oils for yourself, you may do so in my Essential Oil store.

However, I HIGHLY recommend you get a wholesale membership with Young Living and get these oils at a great discount. You can get a lifetime wholesale membership for as little as $40 and you never have to purchase another item or sell anything!

Sign up for a wholesale membership HERE!

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