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Raw Vegan: Is It The Fountain of Youth?


While I was perusing some of the pages I follow in Facebook, I came across a photo meme that stopped me in my tracks. I thought, “This isn’t true! This is some sort of photoshopped trick that I’m sure Snopes or someone else has debunked!” FYI, here is the photo:


So, I did a little research and lo and behold, there really IS a Mimi Kirk and she really IS 73 and she really DOES look this good!!!

Mimi has been vegetarian for decades and became a raw vegan a few years ago. If any of you read my blog regularly, you know I tried eating a raw vegan diet this past summer. I lasted about 2 weeks before I wanted something warm. I think it would be helpful while eating a raw diet if you have a dehydrator. I was having a smoothie in the morning, a salad at lunch and some kind of cold soup for dinner. After two weeks of this, I got tired of it.

But then, I’m not as creative as Mimi! Mimi rocks! She has a book out called, “Live Raw” and another one on the way called, “Live Raw Around The World.” She teaches classes on living a raw lifestyle. Mimi’s even making raw “chocolate chip” cookies in her dehydrator!

I came across a great interview Nurishment Now did with Mimi and here a few snippets:

Nourishment: When did you go raw and are you 100% raw?

Mimi: At age 69 I went to the doctor and they told me my cholesterol and blood pressure were high. I also had arthritis in my hands. I knew I had to do something. It wasn’t as though I said, “Oh yay! I get to eat all raw!” It was more like I didn’t have a choice and I was at an age where I didn’t want to mess around. I wanted a quality life. So, yes, I eat all raw. It took awhile to get the hang of it, but I got all of the equipment and never looked back. I immediately did a detox cleanse with my daughter. I went back to the doctor a few months later and my cholesterol had dropped 26 points, my blood pressure was normal and there was no arthritis in my hands.

Nourishment: What changes did you notice since going raw?

Mimi: More energy! I spring out of bed in the morning like a 20 year old. I feel like I took ages off of myself. All of my aches and pains are gone and my skin looks younger. I was looking at senior living homes for my sister, who is 88 and I saw people there that were much younger than me. I really don’t buy into this “old age” stereotype. You can feel and be full of life at any age. A lot of it is your attitude and outlook on life. Raw food makes me feel fantastic.

This was an interview Mimi Kirk did two years ago – Enjoy!

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