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Does Practice Really Make Perfect?


Most of us have heard the phrase “Practice Makes Perfect,” but does it? Does it really?

Repetition doesn’t necessarily equate to higher skill level. You should be asking yourself if you’re learning anything from your repetition and if not, why not? You must constantly strive to improve on the last thing you did and learn from your mishaps and mistakes. No one becomes a master at a skill overnight.

We learn by repetition, mistakes and habit.

One of the problems with learning by repetition is that if you are practicing the wrong things in the wrong way, you are not mastering anything but failure. Do not practice and develop the wrong habit. Don’t sow the wrong seeds. You can’t plant a huge garden of cucumber seeds and expect watermelons to grow. Therefore, we must practice, look at our results, learn from our mistakes, make corrections and try again.

Just because you may have picked up a certain skill does not mean that you have mastered it. If you believe you have mastered something, your mind will become unteachable. If you’re unteachable, you will never learn anything new or anything that will help you on your road to reaching your goals.

Don’t be arrogant. Don’t think you cannot learn something, no matter how long you’ve been pursuing your dreams. All of us can learn something. To stop learning is to stop living.

Never stop learning!

What you will usually find when you stop looking for improvement is that you will hit a wall and then you’ll go back and try the same thing again. Only to hit the same wall again. Then repeat and repeat and repeat until finally you give up and quit.

Don’t be a quitter! Don’t throw away everything you’ve learned up until this point. Look for a new lesson and try that. Look for a new teacher and see if they have a new way of reaching your goal.

We have all heard the phrase about doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. You need to not only keep going, you need to correct your “practice” and persist.

Once you achieve success and are getting results is when you should be repeating your moves over and over and over again and teaching others to do what you are doing.

Most people quit when they keep repeating their old mistakes instead of learning from those mistakes and trying something different.

Don’t get discouraged! Stay teachable, correct your mistakes and your skills will improve.

Now go grab those goals!

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