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Nice Guy Charlie Sheen

No matter what you might think about Charlie Sheen’s lifestyle, he is obviously a very nice person. This morning, TMZ is reporting that actor Charlie Sheen has done another good deed.

From TMZ:

Charlie Sheen is covering a huge chunk of the funeral costs for the paparazzo who died while covering Justin Bieber … cutting a $12,000 check to the photog’s family … TMZ has learned.

We broke the story … 29-year-old Chris Guerra died after being struck by a car in Los Angeles on New Year’s Day while taking pictures of Bieber’s car. We’re told Guerra will be laid to rest in a private service set for tomorrow

Turns out, Charlie is tight with a former photog who was friends with Guerra … and got word that the family was trying to raise money to cover the costs. So Charlie, being Charlie, sprung into action and grabbed his checkbook

This is not the first time Charlie has done something “under the radar” for a random person. Just a few weeks ago, Charlie wrote a $75,000 check to help fight a little girl’s cancer after chatting with a Hermosa Beach police officer and learning about another officer’s daughter and her battle with cancer. Charlie just pulled out his checkbook and wrote a check to the cancer foundation for the little girl.

He even wrote a check to that trainwreck cracky Lindsay Lohan when he found out she owed the IRS hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes.

He doesn’t publicize these acts, they are leaked by someone on the receiving end who shows the media the checks.

Again, Charlie may be a hard-partying guy, but he has a really, really good heart.

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