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The New Year Can’t Come Fast Enough For Me

First, let me say that I’m always grateful for every day God grants me on this earth. Truly, I am blessed.

In gratitude, I say 2016 was not the worst year I’ve been through. I’ve had much worse. However, when you cap off the lows of the year with the loss of iconic stars like David Bowie, Prince, George Michael and now Carrie Fisher, you just have to say, “2016, we’ve had some good moments, but it’s time for you to go!”

Someone commented on Facebook that they didn’t understand why people get so upset when a celebrity dies since they are no more important than anyone who has died due to terrorism, or in battle fighting for their country or someone losing their life to cancer That comment missed the point.

It’s not that these people are more important or that their lives held more value. I can only speak for myself when I say that the celebrities I just listed who we lost in 2016 brought much joy into my life and the lives of many, many others all over the world. They were graced with talent and they shared it with all of us.

Their songs were the soundtrack of many happy memories for me and my friends. When their songs are played, I fondly remember days long passed as vividly as though they were yesterday and I smile.

My daughter, who is only 19, had a particular affection for Carrie Fisher as she also has bipolar and a service dog. You can read about our experience here. It was very hard to hear of her passing, especially when I saw her dog’s Twitter account where he said, “I’ll be waiting for you mommy.”

Again, it’s not that these people are more important than anyone else, it’s that they have touched each of our lives in some way and when they die, they take a piece of us with them.

Every year brings about loss. Every year, we lose some great talent; however, this year seemed exceptionally brutal in that department. I’m ready to say goodbye and start fresh for 2017.

As I plot out my blogging for the next year and set my writing goals, I will play their music, smile at the memories and pray 2017 holds wonderful things for us all.

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