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Never Let Anyone Steal Your Joy

Young Living Joy Essential Oil

I like to use Young Living’s Joy essential oil to maintain emotional balance.

Never let anyone steal your joy.

Have you ever read that statement or heard it said in a conversation or from a stage at a convention? I’ve been thinking a lot about personal happiness, joy and the impact others have on us. You should never allow another person to hold that much power over you or your emotional well being.

While it is true you control your own happiness, there are those who would try and steal that joy or happiness from you. They are like emotional vampires that want to suck your joy from you. Whether that is because they are so miserable and adhere to the “misery loves company” strategy of life, or whether they feel if they take your joy, it will make them joyful I don’t know.

When I was reading my Bible and saying prayers this morning, Stormie O’Martian reminded me that forgiveness is paramount to maintaining your sense of joy.

For me that was a nudge from God telling me no matter who, how, or why someone is mistreating you, going out of their way to make you miserable, trying to punish you, it is up to you whether or not your happiness and your joy will be destroyed.

If we instead focus on seeing the other person as a child of God, who is damaged, forgiven and loved by Him, then is it too much to ask that we also forgive that person, even if they don’t ask for forgiveness?

I find joy in my relationship with God and with my children. I find joy in my pets and being in nature. My joy does not come from whether or not another person likes or dislikes me. That would be self-centered and egotistical.

I make a choice to love others and Christ loves me. Even if it means that person does not want my forgiveness and love, I am required by my faith to forgive and love them anyway.

Friends, whoever it is that is trying to steal your inner peace, your happiness, your joy, you have the power to say no. Not today. Not ever. I am a child of God and I love you and forgive you.

We don’t do that for the other person’s soul, we do it for our own. There is peace in forgiveness. There is rest in love.

It does not make what the other person does to you right. It sets you free to be happy despite their actions.

Have a blessed day.

* Sometimes when I need an extra boost of joy, I like to put a few drops of Young Living’s Joy on my neck and wrists. You can learn more about Young Living oils HERE.

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