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My take on the Time Magazine Cover regarding Breastfeeding

I know this is a hot topic, so I’ll throw in my two cents worth.

I think breastfeeding is great. I think the Time Magazine cover is creepy.

I have three children and all three of them were breastfed for 15 months. That might sound like an odd time frame, but I’ll let you in on the history.

Prior to getting pregnant with our first child, I told my husband I thought breastfeeding was weird and I didn’t want any part of it. He respected my decision, but once I was pregnant, he also let me know, in very nice ways, that breastfeeding was the best thing I could do for our child.

I thought about it and for the first few months of my pregnancy, I was going to go straight to formula. Then I started reading and talking to my OB. I decided I would breastfeed my newborn daughter for 6 weeks. But that was it. I would not do it any longer than that.

My husband remained supportive and said, “Any amount of time will be good. Whatever you decide.”

So, our daughter was born. I cannot fully express the love I have for her from the moment she took her first breath. It is all consuming. All three of my children mean the world to me.

So I started breastfeeding. It was not as easy as it looks. I had to ask a breastfeeding nurse to help me out and show me what to do. It took my daughter and me two full weeks to get in sync with one another where it was no longer a chore to figure out what went where and how to get her properly latched on.

I was a formula baby and my mother expressed concern that our daughter wasn’t getting enough milk. I walked upstairs to feed her and when I burped her, a huge amount of milk came up and showered me. I walked downstairs covered in the stuff and said, “She’s getting plenty!”

As the weeks passed, I told my husband that I thought I’d do this breastfeeding thing for 8 weeks instead of 6. Well, 8 weeks turned into 6 months and 6 months turned into a year. I intended to start weaning her after her first birthday, but that was the exact time my stepchildren were coming in from out of state for their summer visitation. I didn’t want to disrupt her schedule anymore than necessary, so I continued to breastfeed her through the summer months and started weaning her once they went back home to their mother. That ended up being a total of 15 months of breastfeeding.

Well, 5 years later, I had a son and two years after that, another son. I could not do less for them than I had done for our daughter, so I breastfed each of them for 15 months.

Now that you know my history, I have to say that I think breastfeeding a child past the age of two seems weird and odd to me. I wouldn’t do it.

However, we all are just doing the best we know how to do at the time and if this mom thinks this is best for her child, we should respect her decision.

I’m just not sure it was the best thing to put such a sensational photo on the cover.

Then again, we are all talking about Time’s cover, so maybe it was.

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