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Longevity and The Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

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I have a weakness. It’s the iced Green Tea at Starbucks.

It used to be the Caramel Macchiato and during the holiday season, the pumpkin spice latte would call my name. But for the last year, it has been the iced green tea. It somehow just does not taste the same as when I make it at home and I’ve been drinking it, even in the coldest months of winter.

I still drink the green tea at home, especially after I read the following post on Facebook from Blue Zones:

BEST LONGEVITY BEVERAGE — We hear a lot about the health benefits to green tea but Ushi Okushima drank at least 8 cups of green tea almost every day of her 108 years. It contains 25% the caffeine and 200% more antioxidants than coffee.

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So, with that in mind, here are some of the health benefits of drinking green tea:

1. Fights Cancer – Studies have shown that properties found in green tea inhibit cancer growth.

2. Good for Your Heart – One study showed that the more green tea consumed, the less artery clogging of the heart’s blood vessels.

3. Weight Loss – Drinking green tea aids in weight loss and helps lower the “bad cholesterol.”

You can take supplements with green tea extract, but as with most things from what I have read and studied, the best way is to just drink it straight.

Here are some tips for brewing a great cup of green tea from the LA Times:

Traditionalists say that green tea tastes best when steeped for less than two minutes in water that hasn’t quite reached the boiling point (about 180 degrees). Others say that using water at boiling temperature (212 degrees) and steeping the tea for at least four to five minutes increases concentration of the antioxidant (polyphenol) in the tea. Maybe it’s more healthful to brew the tea longer, but I prefer the more delicate taste of a briefer steeping time.

However you decide to make it, loose-leaf teas are, of course, preferred. A teaspoon of leaves is enough for an eight-ounce cup.

Have you had your green tea today?

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