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Kick Your Fear In the Rear!


Want to kick your fear in the rear? You can!

We all, at one time or another, fear something. For many of us it can be debilitating and keep us from enjoying all that life has to offer.

Yesterday, I was listening to Darren Hardy’s Daily Mentoring. Darren is the publisher of Success Magazine and you can sign up for his free daily emails here. Listening to Darren talk about changing your fear in 20 seconds was eye opening.

In the call, he pointed out that people who are about to parachute out of an airplane have a high level of fear. In fact, he told a story of how researchers taped heart monitors to jumpers. As the plane ascended, their heart rate increased and became very high right before they jumped. However, once they jumped and were in freefall, their heart rates almost immediately went back into normal range.

Imagine that! It is the fear of what we are about to do or the fear of what might happen that is the problem. The reality is not so frightening as we imagine.

Another person I really love to read is Stormie Omartian. Her Praying series of books is wonderful and I highly recommend them.

Anyway, earlier this week I was reading and praying for my husband using her “The Power of a Praying Wife” book and I came across this passage and how we should trust in God and not bury ourselves in fear:

When you have fear of the Lord, God promises to deliver you from your enemies (2 Kings 17:39), protect you from evil (Proverbs 16:6), keep His eye on you (Psalm 33:18), show you His mercy (Luke 1:50), give you riches and honor (Proverbs 22:4), supply everything you need (Psalm 34:9), reveal all you need to know (Psalm 25:14), bless your children and grandchildren (Psalm 103:17), give you confidence (Proverbs 14:26), a satisfying life (Proverbs 14:23), longevity (Proverbs 10:27), and the desires of your heart (Psalm 145:19).

When fear threatens to take over your life, take comfort in God’s Word and in His promises. Know that the fear is your enemy and ask Him to help you conquer it.

Name 3 things you are afraid of, then go out and kick them in the rear!

Have a blessed day!

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