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Jim Rohn: Living An Exceptional Life


Would you like to live an exceptional life? You can!

If you have never heard of or listened to Jim Rohn, you owe it to yourself to watch this video and seek out other videos and books featuring this amazing man.

Jim Rohn has inspired and motivated untold thousands of people, including Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, T Harv Ecker and Tony Robbins.

Make a commitment today to live an exceptional life. You can do it. You have the power and the possibilities are endless.

My notes from this video-

How to lay the foundation for success:

1. Have more than one skill.
A. Find good people
B. Organize (getting people to work together)
C. Promotion and Recognition – Be so busy recognizing others you have no need to
recognize yourself.
D. Communication
E. Teaching
F. Learning to Inspire

2. Learn more than one language

3. Learn the simple economic formula that works for everybody
A. We get paid for bringing value to the marketplace
B. The value YOU become (a leader). Go to work harder on yourself than you do
on your job. Success is something you attract by becoming an attractive person.

5 Ideas Bring Value to the Marketplace

1. Philosophy not the economy (work on yourself)
a) Learn from your experiences
b) Learn from other people’s experiences
c) Keep a Journal
d) Pay Attention – Success Leaves Clues
– Be a Selective Listener
– Read books of value: Start a Library and sort through what is valuable

2. Attitude
a) How you feel about the past
b) How you feel about the future
– Decide what you want
– Write it all down
– Put everything on your goal list
c) How do you feel about everybody – It takes all of us
d) How you feel about yourself (Self Esteem)

3. Activity – We are effected by what we do.
a) The Work
b) The Labor Pains
c) 6 days of labor and 1 day of rest
– if you rest too long the weeds take the garden

How did a building get there?

1) First someone saw it in their mind on a vacant lot.
2) Imagine the possibilities
3) Know they are possible to you
4) Imagination and Faith
5) Go to work!

Work is the magic dust that makes it all come together.

Results take a reasonable amount of time. There is no overnight success.

Measure your own progress. Success is a numbers game.

Don’t linger more than one year on one level of learning. Grow.

Ask yourself what you can do to make progress and increase your value.

Progress is one of the most motivating factors in the world.

Lifestyle – Learn to live a good life. Whether modestly or mega-millions.

The Shortlist for Living a Good Life:

1. Productivity to the Max
2. Good Friends – Collect and Nourish Those Relationships
3. Your Heritage
4. Your Spirituality (Study, Practice and Teach)
5. Take Special Care of the Inner Circle (Family and Close Friends)

You owe it to yourself to watch this video and take your own notes. I promise it is well worth your time.

Have a blessed and abundant day!

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