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I’ve Lost 10 Pounds and am starting TRX!

It’s official! I’ve lost 10 pounds since joining Weight Watchers on July 1! While I’m really proud of myself for losing it, when I pick up a 10 pound weight and feel how much 10 pounds really is, I am amazed!

I can actually see the difference in how my clothes are fitting and how my body it looking. While I am running to burn fat, but mostly to work my heart muscle, I’ve been swimming to tone my body. I run and swim 5 days a week, do a light workout on Saturdays and take Sundays off.

Yesterday, my hubby decided to take a look at the TRX training system. That’s the training system developed by a former Navy SEAL. We went to a local fitness store in the afternoon and gave it a try and like it. After we brought it home, we did our first workout and I thought I would be sore this morning, but I wasn’t. I can tell I’ve used my muscles, especially my abs, but I am not sore at all.

Also, while I was out running, I crossed paths with another runner who looked as though she was struggling with a run/walk. I stopped and told her about the Couch to 5K program and how it had taken my from someone who used to hate running and could barely run 60 seconds, to someone running 30 minutes, 6 days a week. Hopefully, it will help her to become a runner too!

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