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Is Having a Green Lawn Worth Environmental Destruction?

There is a wonderful park my sons and I love to run every day. It has a great trail that meanders through beautiful woods and then encircles an environmentally protected area that includes a large lake. On a daily basis we see rabbits, chipmunks, ducks (and now ducklings!), geese, snakes, turtles, fish and lovely birds like blue herons.

A few days ago on a run, I noticed a couple of catfish floating near the bridge. I thought that perhaps someone had gone fishing, killed them and thrown them back in the water. Then, the next day, I saw at least 15 catfish floating belly-up. I became concerned there was some sort of disease among them. This morning, as the boys and I were running, there were at least 35 catfish floating dead in the water. As we were doing our cool down walk at the end of our run, we ended up talking with two British ladies about the catfish dying. What they said horrified and angered me.

Several people had called the local EPA and let them know that something was going on with the catfish. They sent some people to investigate and found out that a nearby development was using a toxic pesticide to keep their lawns green and it was draining into the lake and killing the fish.


If something is so toxic that it is killing fish, what is being released into the ground and the very air we breathe?

I keep thinking about all of the animals who depend on that lake for their survival. Are the ducklings the next creature to be delivered a death warrant? What about the rabbits and the turtles? All because someone wants green grass? Is it really worth the trade-off?

I found an organization called Safe Lawns. They offer environmentally safe products for lawncare.

If you belong to an HOA or live near a development who is spraying chemicals to keep the lawn clean. Ask them at the next meeting if they are using environmentally safe products and if not, find out why and pressure them to start.

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