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I’m learning to drive a stick shift!

Yes, at 49 years old, after 33 years of driving nothing but automatics, I am learning to drive a stick shift.

My husband is a Jeep Wrangler enthusiast and has a 97 Jeep Wrangler with a manual transmission (aka stick shift). He loves this Jeep. In the entire time we’ve had the vehicle, I have never driven it. I don’t know how.

Well, our daughter is now 15 years old and will be getting her learner permit later this year and her license in about a year. She has been promised this jeep when she gets her driver’s license. I’ve been taking her in our old Suburban to a local high school to practice driving because the parking lot is huge and it’s empty. Since the Jeep will be hers in another year, my husband’s been taking her to learn how to drive a stick.

So, I figured if she was learning, maybe it was my turn to learn too. My husband was game, so Friday, he took me to the high school and I started learning.

It is hard!!! Fortunately, my husband is a very patient teacher.

Yesterday, he took me to the parking lot of a huge shopping center. There were cars. And PEOPLE!!!

I stalled the Jeep about 4 times in that parking lot yesterday and people laughed at me. That’s okay, I laughed at myself. Two older ladies came up to the Jeep and told me they though it was great that I was learning how to drive a stick shift and wished me luck.

I’ll probably be going out later today for a driving lesson again.

Wish me luck!

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