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How You Can Live a More Abundant Life

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Abundance is about more than just getting money and being successful. Abundance is the ability to help others.

Abundance comes when you give of yourself, your time, your money and your resources.

I like people. I enjoy talking with people and helping them in whatever way I can. When I find something I like and that has helped me, I want to share that message or product with everyone I meet so that it can help them as well.

I was that way about running. I used to hate running. No, actually, I used to loathe running. It wasn’t until I found the Couch to 5k program that eased me into a running program that I started seeing the benefits of what running offered. I started to actually like running and now I love running.

That doesn’t mean I think running is easy. It’s never easy, but I do enjoy it now. In fact, yesterday was so beautiful I went for a second run after I dropped my sons off at school.

I also found that eating a more plant-based diet helped me feel better. When I find out something about a plant that is beneficial, or a new recipe that will help me make a traditional recipe more nutritious and healthy, I share it. I want to tell everyone how great eating healthy makes me feel.

Likewise, when I found Young Living essential oils, I wanted to share it. I love these oils. They have helped me in my quest to live a more natural, holistic lifestyle where I am not relying on medications and pharmaceuticals for life’s aches and pains. When I started having hot flashes 2 years ago, I thought I was doomed to just live through it.

Running and eating a plant-based diet helped alleviate it, but I still had hot flashes during the night. Once I found Young Living and heard that people were using YL’s Peppermint essential oil to keep cool during the hot summer months, I decided to try it in the evening. I would apply it to the base of my neck, the base of my throat, my temples, chest and wrists. Guess what? No more hot flashes!

That’s just one of the amazing testimonials I have regarding these oils. They are amazing and I want to share them with everyone I meet.

Watch the video below and then visit my Young Living website at to learn more and sign up for my newsletter.

May God bless you on your journey toward abundance as He has me!

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