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How To Make New Year Resolutions That Work!


It’s that time of year again. Everyone and their sister will be making New Year resolutions and vow that THIS TIME it will be different.

THIS TIME they will lose the weight.

THIS TIME they will work out.

THIS TIME they will do what they need to do to succeed at whatever desired goal that have set for themselves.

And for the most part, most of them will fail.

Why? Why can’t we keep these promises to ourselves?

I think it boils down to two things: Commitment and Discipline


A while back I signed up for daily motivational emails from Darren Hardy of Success Magazine. You can sign up for free at He has a new series for making your resolutions work. I’m going to be doing that too, but I have to say, that when I signed up for it and he did Part 2 of the Introduction, it was an eye-opener for me. It was like God saying, “You’ve been getting off track to what I want you to do with your life, get back on the road you are meant to be on.”

What did he say that was my “Ah Ha!” moment?

He said to write down the top 10 goals I have for this coming year, then pick the one goal that is the most important to me.

Now throw the rest away.

Wait … what? Throw them away?

Yes! Throw them away and focus like a laser beam on that one goal.

While I was shocked at first, it really made me think about what do I really want? When I envision my life and what I want to do with it, what is that goal?

There was only one answer for me. I am a writer. I have been a writer, even before I knew I was if that makes sense. I can remember being in Kindergarten and keeping a group of my peers entertained with my version of a ghost story based on a dilapidated old shack that was by our school and the old man we saw going into it every day.


Only another writer can understand the craziness of having characters living in your mind and having conversations that won’t go away until you write them down. Then they have new conversations.

When I write, it’s like I’m watching a movie and transcribing what I see in my mind. Then I have to go back and clarify what it is that I saw … otherwise known as revisions!

Darren Hardy made me realize I have been focusing on too many things and leaving that part of myself (and that dream) in the dust. I thought other “jobs” were more important or could make me financially secure faster so I concentrated on those.

I was chasing too many rabbits and consequently, caught none.

No more. I am rededicating myself to my writing career. I like to write what some would call “trashy women’s fiction.” That’s okay. I like it. When one of my favorite writers, Jackie Collins, passed away this year, I was saddened not only because the world lost a great woman, but because I would never again have the pleasure of reading a new Jackie Collins novel. This just makes me more motivated than ever to write the kinds of books I want to read.


I also like writing romantic suspense and I even have a Middle grade fiction series I’m working on.

I also have script ideas that have been jotted down and are awaiting my imagination to make them bloom into actual stories.

I am still pursuing my Doctor of Naturopathy degree; however, that was always more for me to use for myself and my family. I have never intended to hang up a shingle and work with clients.

I am also still growing a Young Living business. I love these oils! They work! I cannot imagine not having them for my family.


However, it is my writing that gives me the most pleasure. It is telling my characters’ stories and bringing them to life that makes me feel at peace.

It is my writing that will be my focus as I head into 2016 and beyond.

May God be with you and help you with whatever resolutions you have set for yourself in the coming year.

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