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How To Find The Perfect Success Partner


There is a story in The Power of Positive Thinking regarding a very successful businessman who’s business was in danger of losing his business due to financial problems, bad decisions and an economy that had hurt businesses everywhere. Sound familiar?

He was so downtrodden and miserable over his circumstances, he even considered suicide. That is, until he remembered seeing Dr. Peale give a speech. With nothing to lose, he decided to put into practice something he’d heard.

What was it?

He got up from his desk, closed his door, sat down, laid his head on his arms and prayed. He asked God to partner with him in his business. To guide his thoughts, his decisions and his actions where his life and his business were concerned.

He said when he finished praying, nothing miraculous happened. At least not right away, but he felt as though a tremendous weight had been lifted from his shoulders. He was no longer stressed over his business even though things didn’t turn around and in fact, got a bit worse. Still, he continued to pray and ask for God’s guidance and thought of him as a partner in his business.

Then, one day, an idea hit him out of nowhere. It was a simple idea. One he could have thought of a long time ago, but didn’t. He thanked God for the idea, went into action and turned his business around.

He continued to “partner with God” and watched his business explode.

This is not the first time I have heard successful people mention partnering with God in their business. I have asked God to be my partner as I grow my Young Living business.

Can you think of a better one?

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