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Don’t Quit Before You Hit The Bullseye


When you begin pursuing your dreams and goals, you have a lot of enthusiasm. Your energy level is high, your optimism is at its peak and you feel as though you are on the verge of really doing something wonderful.

Then, inevitably, it happens. What? An obstacle. A failure. A wall you can’t seem to get past. What should you do when this roadblock occurs?

Don’t quit!

Over the weekend, I was listening to a training call and the person being interviewed told a story about a person who sponsored someone into a business he was starting. It was a direct selling (network marketing) company and after a while, the sponsor gave up and quit. He quit using the products, he quit sponsoring people, he quit supporting those who he sponsored into the business. He just quit. Period.

That guy he sponsored into the network marketing company he quit? He’s made over $80 million! If his sponsor had just kept going, kept sponsoring and kept using the products, he too, would be a millionaire today from just that one person he sponsored.

Let me give you an analogy you can think about when you want to give up. Perhaps thinking of your business or goal with this in mind will keep you motivated to stay on course and keep trying.

My youngest son likes to do archery. If you’ve ever done archery, you know how hard it can be when you first start to hit the bullseye. But when you miss hitting it on your first try, you don’t quit. You figure out what was wrong with your aim, you adjust your position and you try again. You do this over and over enough times, sooner or later, you will adjust yourself into the right position and you will hit the bullseye.

However, if you take a few shots, keep missing and never make any adjustment to your aim, you’ll probably become very frustrated and quit. And guess what will happen then? You’ll never hit the bullseye.

It’s the same thing with business. When you hit an obstacle or something you try fails, don’t give up. Look at the problem with fresh eyes, make your adjustments and go forward. Just keep adjusting and moving toward your target until you hit it.

Don’t quit before you hit that bullseye. Ever!

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