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DIY – Insecticide Recipe Using Essential Oils

I know insecticides is probably NOT what you’re thinking about this time of year. However, I have a friend in Florida who just bought this AMAZING home and she is growing her own fruits and vegetables. She is a raw vegan and this house is pretty much perfection on earth for her. She asked if anyone had solutions to some of her buggy problems and I said I knew of one essential oil company that uses the essential oils they do not deem acceptable for their products as insecticides on their farms.


This inspired today’s post. I researched which essential oils you can use to ward off those pesky critters that most people don’t enjoy and came up with this graphic.


The basic recipe is 1 cup of warm water with 10 – 20 drops of the chosen essential oil in a spray bottle. Shake well and spray away! I’ll be honest, I use 20 in my recipes, because I hate bugs and have been known to scream, “Die! Die! Die!” when I spray them. With the exception of butterflies, bees and pretty moths, I pretty much hate most of the insect and arachnid population.

This fall, I was spraying my peppermint mixture around the doors and windows to keep out the spiders I knew were hankering to come into our warm and toasty home. It worked great!


So, if you’re like me and don’t want to deal with nasty 6 and 8 legged creatures, you can try some of these oils and the recipe above.

I had one person ask me if the insecticide actually kills the bugs. It has been my experience that it does in fact murder the little critters. However, if you continue to spray around the plants and house, it will act as a deterrent and keep them at bay. At least that’s been my experience.

I hope this helps those of you who want to live as toxic-free and chemical-free life as possible.

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