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Diana Nyad Reaches Goal at 64!

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I just saw this post on John Assaraf’s Facebook Page and wanted to share:

Yesterday, US endurance swimmer, Diana Nyad, who is 64 years young, swam 110 miles from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage and it was her 5th try! Upon reaching the shore sunburned and dazed she said to the crowd:

1) We should never ever give up
2) You’re never two old to catch your dreams
3) It’s looks like a solitary sport but it’s a team effort – as she fell into the arms of a friend.

She also mentioned that 30 years ago she gave up on her dream, yet at 60 it resurfaced after the death of her mother.

What a truly burning desire she must have had, and what lazer-like focus as well, to continue trying for five full years even after failing 4 other times!

How badly do you want to achieve your goals? What stories, excuses or beliefs are holding you back? Get rid of them and follow your dreams no matter how old you are and do it starting today with full effort and focus!

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