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Decorating for Christmas

I admit it. Though I usually decorate for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving, this year I couldn’t wait and put up our decorations the weekend before Thanksgiving.

I don’t know if it was the decorations at the mall, or the fact that I’ve already done most of my Christmas shopping already, so I had a feeling of accomplishment.

Christmas Spirit

Maybe it’s because instead of adding Young Living’s Peppermint to my Thieves Household Cleaner, I added Christmas Spirit 2 weeks ago and the scent put me in the mood. Whatever it was, I was ready to get my Christmas Spirit on!


While I like the comfy, warm feeling of my own decorations, I also love to look at how other people decorate their homes for the holidays. Over the weekend, network marketing professional Sarah Robbins showcased her beautifully decorated home on her new lifestyle blog, “The Robbins Nest.”

Here is one photograph, you can go here to see the rest of her gorgeous home.


Looking at her photos, made me want to look at other decorations. Want a taste of how the really wealthy in America lived at Christmas? You should visit Biltmore at Christmas in Asheville, NC. Check out this photo …


or this one …


If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, then you know how much I LOVE nature. I love being outside and I especially love the beach and the ocean. I hope to live by the ocean one day, however, until then, I enjoy looking at the Christmas decorations at Coastal Living Magazine. Here are few of their photos this month.

Photo: Lisa Romerein; Stylist: Linda Hirst

Photo: Jack Gardner; Stylists: Linda Hirst and Lynn Nesmith

Another great decorating find was Southern Living’s 101 Fresh Christmas Decorating Ideas. I admit that this is closer to how I like to decorate:

Photo: Erica George Dines

You know who else can inspire and help you decorate for Christmas? Martha Stewart! Her website has a million ideas for you to use, so if you’re crafty or want some new ideas for decorating or eating this holiday season, you might want to check in there.

martha stewart

Country Living magazine has 62 different Christmas trees for you to ogle. Here is one of my favorites from a home here in Tennessee.


Whatever your decorating style may be, I hope these sites and photos inspire your imagination this Christmas season!

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  1. All of these pictures show some of the most beautiful decorations that I have ever seen! I love the seahorses and seastars. I would love to have some unique Christmas decorations for my home this year. I want to stand out! I want visitors to feel the way that I do when I see these pictures when they come to my home!

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